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Evening program

Evening Programs:  Each evening a number of options are available. The program is arranged to provide guests with the opportunity to mix with other…

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Package 4, weekend

Amusement week end: ” Lodging at Auberge Beity ” Kfardbian” ” Break-fast , lunch ‘ daily plate, diner ” Musical nights, karaoke, hiking and…

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Miss Josephine Zgheib

Mrs Josephine Zgheib was awarded by the Green party on the occasion of the International women day. Mrs Josephine is known for her continuous…


faqra ruins kfardebian

The altar

The square Altar, (with a 7.75 meter side) is situated opposite to the main entrance of the Tower. It was restored in the 40’s….

faqra ruins kfardebian

Faqra Ruins

The Faqra ruins lie in Kfardebian on a small hill (rising 1600 meters above sea level) overlooking a deep valley in which the el…

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