About us

Beity is an association registered in the Lebanese ministry of interior under number 1 /AD/2006.

Auberge Beity is an association registered in the Youth and Sport Ministry under number 132/2008

After two years of traveling around the world from 22 of February 2003 till the 15th of October 2004, Josephine Zgheib from Lebanon (president of beity) visited 45 countries within the 5 continents holding a message of peace to 10 countries in Africa, 15 countries in Europe, 11 in Asia and 9 in America. Throughout her trip around the world with a message of peace Josephine’s intention was to accept others and live with their differences in their societies. This made her gain a big experience, besides getting a large circle of friendship, a lot of international friends.

Her first project didn’t have an end, since its end was the beginning of a new message where she can transfer all her experience to the whole people especially the young people in Lebanon and the whole world, by establishing with her Jordanian friend Jumana Billeh (who believed in the same idea) an association for the whole people taking care of their cultural social development, bodily and tourism…etc. Knowing that an international team is all working on the same idea and the same spirit.

This association was established under the name of beity (my home) letting everyone share the feeling of being member of this one big family from all nationalities, societies and civilizations.

Aims of Beity Association:

  1. Raise cultural and educational level through: organizing seminars, lectures, conferences.

  2. Spread awareness in many issues and encourage the voluntary work, give helps in many ways and exchange thoughts between people in Lebanon and many countries.

  3. Develop youth people physically, by doing many sport activities in all seasons and in reasonable price which young people can afford it.

  4. Organize local and international trip, and host groups from Lebanon and abroad in beity’s center in order to encourage people to open their mind to the world and exchange information and gain a new and special experience. ( Having world wide citizenship ).

    Beity have much to provide

    • Worldwide experience of international friendship

    • a warm, comfortable place to stay

    • a ‘home away from home’

    • an exciting programme of activities

    …and they are each different

    Each part of Beity offers a unique experience according to:

    • - discover Lebanon.

    • - the culture of the local people

    • - history and traditions

    • - the needs of particular groups of guests

    • - and the skills of staff and volunteers

    BEITY’S programs

    • - Extension to normal programs

    • - Learn about many countries, and they spirit and initiatives.

    • - Self development, leadership training and community action.

      • Beity Founders:
      • 1- Josephine Zgheib
        ( physical therapy )
        2- Rana asmar
        ( economic )
        3- Rana nakhleh
        ( sports teacher )
        4- Tracy abou mrad
        ( advertising & marketing )
        5- Charbel hana
        ( sports trainer )
        6- Raymond keyrouz
        ( business man )
        7- Abdo keserwany
        ( lawyer )