Friends of Beity

Who are the Friends of BEITY?

Groups of people found in countries around the world, who care about Beity, and want to see Beity grow and thrive.

Voluntary groups made up of people concerned with the welfare of BEITY and interested in spreading the BEITY SPIRIT !!

What do the friends of Beity do?

What does Beity do for its friends?

Friends of beity’s mission statements


Why not join the Friends of BEITY email discussion group?

Talk to other people about BEITY, about LEBANON, about anything connected with our favorite place in LEBANON

This free service brings you together with others who share the same interests and want to exchange ideas.

It is open to anyone who is a friend of BEITY – not just those who are FOB members!
What do the Friends of BEITY do?

Friends groups support BEITY in a variety of ways, such as:

Fund raising and promotion

Encouraging interest in BEITY

Advising prospective participants

Providing information about BEITY, its programs and events

Advertising BEITY within national, regional and local publications

Helping to identify potential volunteers and staff members

Providing opportunities for past participants to get together and relive their BEITY experiences

Participating in FOB events

What does BEITY do for its Friends?

Runs special FOB events at BEITY

Sends material to each FOB group:
o Annual Newsletter

o Future events Calendar

o First circular for each BEITY event

o Event Review of each BEITY event
(including names and addresses of participants)

o Quarterly reports

o Copies of new promotional material
(Some of the FOB groups also arrange functions and
provide additional benefits for their members.)


Where are the FOB Groups?

These are the current Friends of BEITY Groups:

FOB (Denmark)

FOB (Ireland)

FOB (Japan)

FOB (Korea)

FOB (Lebanon) FOB (Thailand)

FOB (Mumbai, India)

FOB (Republic of China)

FOB (South Africa)



If you want to start a Friends Group in your own country, or city then please contact the FOB International Chair Josephine Zgheib at beity’s contact


Friends Of BEITY’S mission statement

FOB members will encourage interest in BEITY mountain resort through active promotion and dissemination of information and aid further developments at BEITY through fundraising.


Community volunteer program

Would you like to :

*Work with children?
*Live in Lebanon?
*Learn about community development first hand?
*Put your skills into action?

Share your energy with children as you work with a Lebanon community organization to teach, facilitate nurture and create new opportunities.

Established in 2004 Beity association is an international mountain resort has strong connections to many community organizations.

Your individual placement with one of these partner organizations will be complemented by an educational program to introduce you to Lebanon culture, getting around Kfardebian and community development issues.

Over one, two, three, four months of the program, volunteers will meet weekly to share their experiences and questions with each other and beity’s program coordinators.

Additionally weekly courses will provide an introduction to Arabic the local language. Weekends are free for exploring Kfardebian and the surrounding area.

Throughout the program, advice and support will be provided. Volunteers
Can be confident in the knowledge that they have the support and experience of a well established international team to keep them comfortable.