Over 20 graded walks and hikes are offered, allowing you to choose your route and level of difficulty. All walks are guided by a member of Our staff.

· Start with the famous farm road Walk where you can buy fresh milk and learn how to milk a cow

· Walk through the Kfardebian valley along the river path to the magnificent waterfall
visit old village of Kfardebian, discover the religious area over 15 churches,…

· Climb to the top of a mountain and sign your name in a mountaineering summit book

· Take part in a level 10 hike which combines climbing with ropes, chains and ladders and walking through meadows and snow to find breathtaking views and a real sense of accomplishment

· Challenge yourself to spend the night in a hay loft and then hike in the dark to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise

· Get up early and walk to the top of a mountain to see the sunrise