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Kfardebian ski resort is split in 3 inter-connected domains:Refuge (accessible only from Mzaar InterContinental hotel), Jonction (principal domain) and Wardeh (the newest extension). Slopes normally operate from 8:00 AM till 3:30 PM during weekdays and 4:00 PM during weekends and holidays.

Lift name Lift
Diff. in height Avg.
Level Live status
JONCTION: Baby 1 720m 72m 10% 1946m Beg.
JONCTION: Ecole 416m 126m 32% 2056m Med.
JONCTION: Jonction 573m 163m 28% 2056m Med.
JONCTION: Jabal Dib 1652m 407m 24% 2296m Med.
JONCTION: Renard Beg.
JONCTION: Rocher 750m 196m 30% 2296m Adv.
JONCTION: Mzaar 1573m 383m 25% 2465m Adv.
JONCTION: Piste Rouge 1000m 338m 25% 2296m Adv.
JONCTION: Nabil 700m 241m 34% 2240m Adv.
REFUGE: Refuge 1200m 210m 26% 2082m Med.
REFUGE: Refuge Nord 720m 183m 26% 2035m Med.
WARDEH: Donald 200m 7m 8% 2041m Beg.
WARDEH: Mickey 495m 43m 9% 2065m Beg.
WARDEH: Vallon 328m 86m 27% 2176m Med.
WARDEH: Petite Source 495m 107m 22% 2125m Beg.
WARDEH: Lac 698m 153m 22% 2173m Med.
WARDEH: Nord 1435m 317m 25% 2336m Adv.
WARDEH: La Cabane - - 33% 2347m Adv.

Live Status of the ski lifts is updated by the ski resort, normally every morning.
Lift closed Lift is closed
Lift open Lift is open

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